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" Working with Alan, he totally transformed our company. As a company, we reached a level where we couldn't scale past a certain point. I organised a strategy call with him and decided to work with him for 6 weeks. Our conversions have doubled and we are spending less money on marketing which means we are able to put the money saved, back onto the business. Alan is a huge find for anyone wanting to grow their company"

- Private Client

" Worked with Alan and he took our company to new heights. 4 months working with him, we made more revenue in those 4 months than we did in the last 16 months. If you are serious about growing your business and either scaling to the next level or just wanting to scale while saving money, book in a call with him. Life changing to say the least. Thanks mate, appreciate everything you have done for us"

- Private Client

" We went from breaking even with Facebook ads to clearing $150,000 per month with his strategy and optimisation reports for us. Just do it, you will love him and a great honest guy to work with"

- Private Client

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OPTION 1: DO NOTHING AND GO BACKWARDS...  Most people spend 2-5 years trying things just to lose money. Maybe you have gone through courses before with too much conflicting information which has made you even more confused. You not only lose your money, you lose precious time.

OPTION 2: DO NOTHING AND IF YOU ARE LUCKY, STAY THE SAME..  Maybe you do nothing? Well that is fine too, however in 2-5 years time, where do you think doing nothing will get you? Will it get you closer to your dream lifestyle? Probably not. 

OPTION 3: MAKE THE CHANGE TODAY, AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE... Imagine being able to learn how you can make 6-figures per year just by using social media even if you don't have a clue what to do or if you're already a business owner, turning that into 7-figures per year and scaling to 8 figures.


What is the strategy call?
The call will be me going over the application you filled out and asking you questions that will help me understand where you are currently at right now and where you want to be and how I can help you get there a lot faster than doing it yourself. Everyone is different, in different positions and some have $100m companies vs others who don't know where or what to do. Different companies/brands and people will require different strategies depending on who they are, where they are in life and what they want to achieve.
Does my brand/business need to be making a certain amount of revenue to qualify?
I was going to set the minimum to $500,000 per year, however, that wasn't fair for those who were struggling so I decided to open it up. All I ask is if I work with you, that you're serious and willing to put the required work in to grow your business.  The more money your business makes, the more ways I can help you grow and scale. We generally see 2-5x in revenue growth when the work is done which is massively above industry standards. 
What if I don't have a business or brand yet?
That is perfectly fine. I can help you build a 6 figure per year business and we scale from there. There are so many ways to make money because of social media. You can make 6 figures per year becoming an influencer, coaching, teaching and hundreds of other things. What I will do is if you don't already have a business, is find out what you are passionate about, see what you're good, what you have passion about and then from that, I will put a plan and strategy in place for you which you will do over the next 12 months. You don't need experience when I give you everything I have learnt over 10 years. 
How much do you charge?
Too many people focus on how much things cost when in reality, you should be asking " How much am I willing to pay for X" If I helped you build a 6 figure per year business, how much would you pay for that? If I was to help you scale from 6 to 7 figures, how much would you pay for that? If I helped you learn and build a business that made you over 6 figures per year, would that be worth $10k? If I helped you go from $100k years to $1m per year, would that be worth $50k? There is no magic number here so I would need to access where you are, what you want out of a business, how much I need to do for you in terms of coaching/teaching you and how big you are. You could be a solo entrepreneur that is happy with just 5 figures per month and you could also be a 500 person company making $200m per year. Whatever it is, we can discuss everything on our strategy call and from that, you can make your own mind up.
Do you guarantee results?
The strategies I will give you depending on what your business is or what you want will work 100%. The issue here is there are some people who take massive action and get amazing results and others who do absolutely nothing and wonder why their bank account doesn't look like a phone number. If you wanted to become a great singer, you might get lessons from Adele, Mariah Carey, Elton John, Prince or Beyonce. They could give you the best coaching in the world, but what is more important is what you do when you're not being coached. So what does this actually mean? When I have sessions with you, when we are not having sessions, you will be required to work and that is something I have no control over. Every single person I have taken on gets great to amazing results and I expect to keep it that way. 
So how do I book in a strategy call with you and is that free?
Simply just scroll up the page and fill in the application. Should take you about 2 minutes to fill out. The call is completely free and where I get to know who are you, what you do, your experience, what you want to achieve, if you have a business and want to scale to 7+ figures or if you're happy with just learning what to do on social media and happy with $10k per month. There is no right or wrong answers, only honest ones. For me to help you get you to where you want to be, I need you to be fully honest and transparent with me. From that, I will be able to help you get closer to your goal whatever that may be. 
Fill out the application now and I look forward to chatting with you over the phone.
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